Pristine coral reefs voted in the top 10 in the world, thousands of fish species, big blue shark encounters, dolphins, whales, turtles, shipwrecks, cities, game parks, golden beaches, cultural and adrenaline-packed adventures and warm hospitality all add up to a scuba diving holiday unrivalled anywhere in the world. The Dive Durban and KwaZulu-Natal expedition set out to explore and profile the east coast’s marine diversity and to shine a light on the tourism opportunities in this unique part of the planet. Organised under the banner of Durban Green Corridors, in partnership with the eThekwini Municipality, the expedition team consisted of five divers – one experienced local diver, two development divers and two international volunteer divers, one from Reunion and one from Switzerland. The team was specially compiled to provide a wide range of skills, opinions and observations, bringing “fresh eyes” and “old hands” together. From Shelly Beach in the south to Kosi Bay in the north, the team travelled around 1 300km, did 20 dives in six different locations and experienced 16 different accommodation options in 21 days. While it was impossible to experience each and every option, the aim of the expedition was to cover as many bases as possible to give a broad overview, so scuba divers can custom-make their own itinerary. The month of July was chosen specifically to take advantage of the province’s balmy winter weather and its unique ocean experiences, namely the annual Sardine Run, known as The Greatest Shoal on Earth, and the Raggie (Ragged Tooth) Shark breeding season. This site gives you an overview of the diving, accommodation and activities as experienced and reviewed by the Dive Durban team.

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Meet The Team

Debbie Reynolds (South Africa)

A passion for the KZN coast, resulted in Debbie Reynolds qualifying as an experienced diver in 2001. Since then she has extensively dived the various reefs and wrecks on the KZN coast. With more than 500 dives to her credit, she has also dived in Sipadan (Malaysia), the Red Sea, the Maldives, the Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Thailand and Mozambique. Her extensive experience across various diving destinations locally and worldwide has given her a unique insight into our diverse underwater world, as well as the broader marine tourism environment.

Mica Da Silva (Switzerland)

Mica hails from Geneva, Switzerland and a South African born Anthropologist. She is a qualified Dive Master and PADI instructor. While working in Mozambique she was able to combine her scuba diving enthusiasm with conservation by joining the Project Aware cause, promoting the importance of local scuba diving instructors and working in education of sustainable dive practices. Her dive logs stretch to Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland but extensively include the Mozambican coastline.

Chris Desseigne (France)

Chris hails from France and currently residing on the island of Reunion. Chris is a highly qualified professional diver with special diving qualifications to participate in the scientific operations and archaeological explorations. Chris has dived in Senegal, Spain, Corsica, Mayotte Island, Seychelles Islands, Mauritius Island, Reunion and Rodrigues Islands. Through his work, Chris has documented a staggering 300 wrecks off the island of Reunion.


Sfiso Mngoma (South Africa)

Sifiso is our local Durban Green Corridors Social Media Manager. Brand new to scuba diving, Sifiso recently completed his SSI Open Water qualification. Sifiso will be experiencing the wonders of our underwater world through the eyes of a novice scuba diver. Sifiso is passionate about tourism and environmental issues, a proud ambassador for KwaZulu-Natal's coastline.

Thami Mabina (South Africa)

Thami is Durban Green Corridor's enthusiast’s nature and cultural guide with FAGASA Level 4 qualification through the Wilderness Leadership School. Thami has recently completed his Open Water Dive qualification with SSI. He has found a new passion in scuba diving and he sees himself (in time) as becoming one of the best dive masters in South Africa. Thami is joining the Dive Durban scuba diving expedition to explore the amazing underwater world that he has just recently discovered.


Jenny Chetty (Logistics)

Jenny is our in house travel agent extraordinaire. Jenny comes with over ten years experience in the international travel packaging industry and responsible for travel support and logistics for the team.  If you're looking for a morning out on one of KZN reefs or a week long customized itinerary exploring our coastal gems, we can highly recommend giving Jenny a call for all your travel needs.

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